So it was circa 1988 and Ron (Dorsett) decided to take guitar lessons from a mutual friend, Dan Berg. Based on Ron's new found interest, not only in the listening to music but the playing of said music, he decided to call up another mutual friend, Paul Schmidt, and ask him if he would care to jam. Paul readily agreed and the two began to trade licks and play old standards, you know; Johnny Be Good, All Along The Watchtower, Neil Young as well as various Beatles tunes and the like.

Somewhere along the way Ron told me what he had been up to. I replied something to the effect of 'Yey'- have fun with that. I should mention that up to this point Ron and I had become good friends and were in the process of transitioning into best friends but I was preoccupied not only with skateboarding (which at the time was in fact a crime) but also with drums.

I had been playing with about 3 or 4 different local "punk" bands. Funny thing is they all called themselves punk at first and then gradually changed there stance to post modern or alternative or underground or whatever. At any rate Ron says to me he says, "Why don't you come play with Paul and me?"

I looked him square in the eyes and said, "Why would I ever do a thing like that? Paul's weird!"

He said, "Because you're just waisting your time playing with those other kids. Paul and I are good and we're getting better. You need to play with us."

Well I went over to his house a few weeks later and jammed, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it immensely. Not to long thereafter we were officially a band but of course we had no name, until... 'Crimson Candy'.